The Emergency Room

I spent today in the emergency room with a man I have loved over 20 years. We were once married. Unfortunately, I took many things for granted during those 20 years, including him, so when he called me this morning to let me know he was having some pain and felt he needed to go to the hospital, I dropped everything to run to him.  Although his father was a physician, he tends to not see any physician on a regular basis. Hence, a call in to work because my love was past due for an ekg and all of the other tests they did today. Heart problems were ruled out, thankfully, and a prescription or two was written for some much needed medicine.

I loved being with him today. I loved to remember trips we’ve made together. It was time well spent, especially since he was able to go home afterwards.

We are peculiar people, he and I. Marriage and divorce can be very slippery slopes to maneuver, but I had today with him. We held hands, talked about the children (our dogs) and listened to each other.  Some couples never know the closeness that he and I felt today……I guess as Isobel from Downton Abbey expresses (see my previous posts), we are some of the “Lucky Ones”.  At least, now I know that and hope to never take it for granted again.


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One Response to The Emergency Room

  1. Thank you for sharing! He’s blessed to have you in his life. More and more I am learning that relationships are what we make them to be, and they don’t need to be defined by anyone else!


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