Driving home from work last night, I heard an amazing story on NPR (National Public Radio).

A man was freed from being on death row for 30 years. Anthony Ray Hinton was freed after being wrongfully convicted in the slaying of two Alabama shootings,  He was freed partly because of the persistent work of the Equal Justice Initiative,

Some other types of news media reported him saying, “The sun does shine!” Hmmm….I kind of like, “The Sun DO Shine!”, You can hear his words if you click on the link below.


Freed in April, 2014, Anthony Ray Hinton addressed the media. I think it is a powerful speech.  I don’t know what he is doing with his life today, but on that day, he was thankful that the sun DO shine.

Thank you, Mr. Hinton, for sharing words of wisdom. May we ALWAYS remember that “He sits high, but He bows low.”  In our darkest hours, God sits high, but he bows to the person who is at their lowest point.

Below is part of the written transcript:

ANTHONY RAY HINTON: The sun do shine. Thirty years ago, the prosecution seemed deemed to take my life from me. They just didn’t take me from my family and friends. They had every intention of executing me for something I didn’t do. But for all y’all that’s snapping the cameras, I want you to know there is a God.


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