Rich vs. Poor

It’s time for me to confess the truth.  Apparently, I cannot write any other way. I have to bear my soul and my truth.

  1. I just moved to an east Texas town;
  2. I don’t presently have a job;
  3. I need a job;
  4. I only know a couple of people, but I did meet my neighbors. Thankfully, they seem like very nice people; and
  5. I need to get to know more people, so I’m not harassing the people I do know!

Part of the reason I blog, is because I amuse myself.  I don’t have a dog or a cat or a child.  It’s just me.  I have no money. Well, just a tad or I wouldn’t be typing this on my laptop. The truth, since I’m not able to lie or even hide the truth, is that I’ve made some bad decisions and right now, I have a tv but I can’t afford to hook it up.  (pitiful, isn’t it.)

So, I amuse myself, and that’s where you come in.  I need you to interact with me if for no other reason, maybe you just feel sorry for me.  (I used to hate that, but I guess my pride has gone down a few more notches.)

You see, I want to be perfect.  I look at my friends on Facebook and other places.  They seem to be really happy.  Some of them even have enough money to travel with since they’ve retired.  I love that for them.  They are kind, generous people.  While I don’t have money in the bank (ok, maybe $15 today), I am wealthy in the kind of friends I have. They are quality people, and I love that about them.  They know me pretty well.  They know my ups and downs.  They know many of my secrets.  They know I’m not perfect.  No amount of money can buy that.

Maybe I’m rich after all.


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Livin' large in East Texas
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