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Accepting Help from Others

Texas Proud is a slogan you’ll see on several t-shirts and hear on many commercials. After Hurricane Harvey, some Texans are experiencing a dose of humility. There will be grief over financial, personal and spiritual losses.  Each person, family and business … Continue reading

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Why My Mother’s Story Matters

This is my job now.  It is a full time responsibility.  I sleep well, but when I awake at 6:00, the first thing I think of is my mother’s story. More of her story will follow and will be compiled … Continue reading

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Harvey’s Mentally Ill

As you pray for the flood victims, please say a special prayer for the mentally ill. I suspect there are some that have lost their medication and will have difficulty getting back on it. This can be a game changer … Continue reading

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Courage under Fire

It is Sunday morning, and I am once again late to church but determined to go.  I moved to this new town in east Texas a few months ago, and I know two people.  It’s time to make some friends … Continue reading

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Rich vs. Poor

It’s time for me to confess the truth.  Apparently, I cannot write any other way. I have to bear my soul and my truth. I just moved to an east Texas town; I don’t presently have a job; I need … Continue reading

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Barefoot Cowboys

I’m a born and raised Texan.  I was born in the 50s on New Years Day in a small west Texas town. I grew up on the border of Juarez and El Paso.  Flash forward a few years, and I worked … Continue reading

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