Mean People

That was the title of yesterday’s sermon – “Mean People”.  Fortunately, I can say the majority of the people I run into are nice people, but there are those few that for whatever reason, they lie, they are unkind and they lie (yes, it’s worth repeating).

I have a slippery slope to type on today because one of the Mean People has warned me.  I won’t write everything he said because, well, it’s just mean.  Actually, it’s a bit more than mean.  I think it’s evil.  I think the person is a sociopath, but what do I know.  Well, I know a lot, but since I’ve been warned by him, I think I better be careful.  People tell me to leave it (or him) alone, and part of me knows I should.  It’s the other part I want to write about today.

I am not perfect  (just take a look at my previous posts) but most of the time, I try to be kind and honest and well, just human.  I can’t say I’ve never lied, but I try to avoid it whenever possible.  For example, “Did you do this?!!” my older sister might ask, and well, it would be more convenient to lie about it, but I love her.  I respect her.  Why would I lie to her?  I don’t want to hurt her.  The same is true with my friends and other family members.  I’ve got a code of ethics and most of us hope that other people do, too.

Every once in a while, though, you run into people who aren’t even politicians.  They’re not even running for public office, and they lie.  They lie about unimportant things.  All of their stories have them as the hero, even the ones that you know could not possibly be true.  I asked one of them a few years ago, “Do you think it’s easier to lie or tell the truth?”  He said, “It’s easier to tell the truth because when you lie, you have to remember what you said.”  Ahhh….there is the rub.  Wait, maybe he lied about that, too.

Aside from lying, the other thing that genuinely bothers me is when someone takes it upon themselves to be a bully – to be mean, whether it’s to a kid,  an adult or an animal.  If you haven’t met anyone like that, please be aware, they are out there.

There are even cyberbullies, and that’s where my story collides with a Mean Person.  That’s why it’s difficult for me to just “let it go”.  This person is an educated adult who took it upon himself a few years ago to publish things about me that were not true.  He’s not a great writer, but he does know how to type, unfortunately.  The rest I must leave to your imagination.  I was never physically assaulted by the Mean Person, but boy, I sure felt like I was.  Days of anxiety and worry turned into months.  I obsessed over the Mean Person.  After all, it is difficult to get over the fact that you trusted someone who should have never been trusted.  Your judgement was so off that you hurt others by trusting the Mean Person, and you might have spent large sums of money that you’ll never get back.

Thankfully, I heard the birds sing after my heart and soul moved on, but it took time.  Since I experienced the devastation of knowing a Mean Person, I want to warn others to be careful. This is the only way I know how.  I have no ammunition. I don’t know karate, but I know words, and I will continue to craft those words to fight evil, whether it is an ideaology or a person.  Words are all I have to let you know that there are predators out there.  They are in various forms.  Some are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Some are on dating websites, others are on church websites.  Some might even live in the same house with you.

Trust but verify.  When you learn the person is a wolf, warn others because you know that you wish someone had warned you.