Giving and the role it plays in happiness

It was a joy recently to attend an anniversary party for two people I met about 30 years ago.

The setting was a large room at a beautiful country club.  The room was filled with people who were smiling and enjoying the moment.

When I was in my twenties, I was engaged to a young man. I watched my engagement ring dance in the church lights as Jim and I sat together.  He introduced me to Gilda and Hollis.  Jim’s friendship did not last, but my friendship with the young couple has lasted for decades.

Their youngest son and two daughters provided the entertainment for the evening, as did their numerous grandchildren. Their friends shared stories about the couple.  (Some can even be repeated.)

I’m not a person that enjoys crowds, so I try to steer away from large gatherings. This night was different. I knew the people we were celebrating. I knew part of their secret to joy and happiness.  Not only do they laugh a lot, but they have also given to others.  They’ve given their time, their talents and their money.

Thank you, Gilda and Hollis, for showing me what happiness looks like, and for allowing me to see the impact of two unselfish people who share their love for God, for each other and their friends and family.

At this point in my life, I think I’m enjoying anniversary parties more than I do weddings. I prefer watching old friends dance under the lights.

If you would like to share your talents or your money, there are several websites that might be of help.

The Lucky Ones

I love so many of the Downton Abbey characters, but I believe I would most like to be Isobel. Not only is her wit with Lady Grantham, a joy to behold but her outlook on life and love is beautiful.

In the clip below, Isobel, Mary and Tom reminisce about their deceased loves.

Isobel sums it up by saying,  “Well, aren’t we the lucky ones?”

Getting Past It

In life, there is death. This world that is filled with beautiful flowers in April, comes from the tulip bulbs planted months before.

In order to get past one’s grief, one must embrace the grief for a while.

The longer you live, the more you will experience death. Cry, dear Reader, cry over the death of a relationship or the death of a child, and then get on with things. It is the only way.

Choose life.

Love Overcomes

I have become an official Downton Abbey addict.  One of my favorite characters is Anna.  She is resilient, and she loves Mr. Bates with all of his baggage and his cane.

I love the fact that the show’s producers/directors/writers are not afraid to show Mr. Bates’ wrinkles and scars. He has them. Those of us who have lived a full life, have them, too. May you be blessed with a loving relationship.

Love overcomes.

Tears – Surely I’ll feel better soon

It appears that I mistakenly deleted all of the posts I’ve written on this blog. I hope I can retrieve them. I poured my heart and soul into each word, so I’m afraid I am a bit disappointed today.

[Can anyone tell from my phrases that I have been watching Downton Abbey? I think I have overdosed on it! I simply must get to my chores.]

Tell me which one of the characters do you most identify with.

“A Working Woman’s Skills”