What is life without healing?

It is a burden.

It is a boulder too heavy to push.

It is a tree without roots.

It is despair with no shred of hope.

Healing comes in various forms

-a light breeze felt on the check

-the deep tones of a cello.

It is knowing a friend is lifting you up in prayer

-sharing a story

– sharing words.

It is having a cat sit and purr on your lap until she falls asleep.

It is a slow intimate kiss or just the memory of one.

It is staring at the stars under the Texas sky.

Healing is enjoying a meal made just for you because you’re exhausted.

It is remembering your youth and boyfriends who held your hand for the first time.

It is remembering the words to a song he once sang to you.

“Think of me when you’re lonely.

Think of me when you’re blue.”

Healing is knowing there is light at the end of a tunnel.

It is breathing deeply and forgiving.

It is breathing deeply and accepting forgiveness.

It is reading about secret gardens and the fact that God has your back.

It is listening to reminders of God’s grace.

It is the word grace.

It is in the hands of a friend who has little money

And shares it with you.

It is a wave of laughter with a stranger.

It is remembering.

It is accepting love and laughter

And treasuring it all.

It is all in my memory box where it will come out whenever I choose.

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