Five Benefits of Yoga

If you struggle with your weight, it might not occur to you that yoga could be of help. The thought of putting on tight leggings and stretching your body might send you running the other way, but there are benefits you may not have considered. I have listed five benefits below.

  1. Finding a routine of low-impact yoga stretches is not only good for your body but is also good for your mind. Waking up every morning with a goal, however small, is good for your mental health.
  2. Listening to instrumental yoga music is beneficial as you meditate on becoming more healthy and taking care of yourself.
  3. There is no competition in yoga. The theme of “go at your own pace” is often encouraged.
  4. You will gain muscle strength and tone over time.
  5. You will also gain flexibility and lose weight.

Since I have multiple sclerosis, I decided to get rid of my super thin yoga mat and found a mat on Amazon that I absolutely love.

I also have a small rock that has the letters B R E A T H E on it. A simple reminder that all I have to do during my yoga hour is to concentrate on me and breathe. I do not have to solve the world’s problems. I am not in competition with anyone in the room. I can close my eyes, stretch into the pose and just breathe.

Yoga is a good place to simply be.


What are you running towards?

I’m a big fan of Brene Brown. I was listening to a recent podcast, and she asked the above question more than once. It helped validate my feelings. I have been running towards a healthier, happier life for a very long time. I’ve been happier than I’ve ever been the last ten years. It took work. It took a divorce which was very, very unhappy in the beginning, but that divorce led me down a path or two, many wrong turns and finally happiness. I hope my ex-husband is happier, too.

Now, for the healthier part. I will be focusing on losing weight and exercising, so if you’re running towards something, also, please subscribe to my blog and we will run together.

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