Evil Walks Among Us

Evil walks among us, Little One.

Those of us who are alive must learn to conquer it.

We are survivors.

What we dream no one may ever know.

What we scream into our pillows at night, no one who walks this earth may hear.

But we are survivors.

Evil walks among us but so does love, goodness, and humility.

There are many people who want to protect you.

Thankfully, they walk among us, too.

-@Nancy Gilbert

May 11, 2023

Written near Allen, Texas



What is life without healing?

It is a burden.

It is a boulder too heavy to push.

It is a tree without roots.

It is despair with no shred of hope.

Healing comes in various forms

-a light breeze felt on the check

-the deep tones of a cello.

It is knowing a friend is lifting you up in prayer

-sharing a story

– sharing words.

It is having a cat sit and purr on your lap until she falls asleep.

It is a slow intimate kiss or just the memory of one.

It is staring at the stars under the Texas sky.

Healing is enjoying a meal made just for you because you’re exhausted.

It is remembering your youth and boyfriends who held your hand for the first time.

It is remembering the words to a song he once sang to you.

“Think of me when you’re lonely.

Think of me when you’re blue.”

Healing is knowing there is light at the end of a tunnel.

It is breathing deeply and forgiving.

It is breathing deeply and accepting forgiveness.

It is reading about secret gardens and the fact that God has your back.

It is listening to reminders of God’s grace.

It is the word grace.

It is in the hands of a friend who has little money

And shares it with you.

It is a wave of laughter with a stranger.

It is remembering.

It is accepting love and laughter

And treasuring it all.

It is all in my memory box where it will come out whenever I choose.

Dogs and Smiles

There is a wonderful pet adoption program that I’ve been able to be a part of.  It’s called appropriately, “Love on Wheels”.

It turns out that there are some places in the northern states of the U.S. that have a shortage of pets.  In Texas, we have plenty!! Someone, I think it was Stacy, came up with the idea of saving the rescues in Texas and sending them to deserving folks in New York.

I had the pleasure of fostering two of the dogs in the early stages of the program. They are such a delight. Usually the first couple of days, the dogs seem very sad, but by the third day, they begin to perk up. By the time they make it to New York, their tails are wagging.  You can see a big smile at the 1:37 and also, the 1:54 mark of the youtube video below. That was one of my fosters, Smokey. She was the cutest dog and made me so happy in such a short amount of time.  I cried when she left, but, as you can see, she is in good hands and that makes me even happier!

I smile every time I see the new group headed to New York.  Happy tales to all of you precious puppies.

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