Orchids in a Hot House or Writing Through Trauma

To all those who have tried and failed or perhaps succeeded, I offer words to you about my journey. Remember as you write, some people will like your words, others will not. Write if you must but know, it’s not easy my friend.

About twelve months ago, I joined an online writing group – Off Campus Writers Workshop. They have been an invaluable resource. I decided recently to send a submission, which they accepted.

If you are a weekend writer or someone just thinking about putting pen to ink, please check this group out.



What if?

What if all of us know someone or are related to someone with a severe mental illness, but we feel better when it’s a secret?

First, please hear me when I say, “I am not judging you.”

I feel at liberty to discuss schizophrenia for the following reasons:

  • My job is not dependent on what I reveal about my family, nor should it ever be ;
  • More people are discussing mental health issues;
  • I’m older. If I don’t do it now, will I ever do it?;
  • My parents are deceased; and
  • I have a wee bit of courage, not a whole lot, but a wee bit.

Maybe that’s all it takes sometimes…is just a wee bit of courage.

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